This year hasn’t really been what i expected it to be. i have had a lot of good experiences and a lot of fun. I have made a TON of new friends and most of whom i will keep talking to even when i move back to my own country. the past few months i have not really been good at writing blog posts and to be honest i think the reason is that i am not good at doing one thing for a very long time. But something happened….a realization. I need to learn how to follow something through. For a long time i have been telling my self that i need to get better in school and i need to get in better shape but every time i do something it only lasts for a week or so and then its back to what i used to be. But other then my realization something else happened. Last year 2 days before new years eve my great grandmother Amy died.

I was sitting in my room watching a movie when my parents asked if i could talk with them on Skype. i opened Skype to talk with them which is something i really have found to appreciate while i have been here. But when i opened Skype and called and my mother accepted the call i could se something wasn’t right. My mom just said something has happened……great grandmother has died. i couldn’t believe what had happened and it even took me a few minutes to realize that she was telling the truth she was dead. I started crying and didn’t stop for a few hours and my parents and i talked about what had happened and what she had said before it happened. and the same thing just kept going through my head. I will never get to see her again never be able to give her a hug, never have dinner with her again watch a movie or stay at their apartment. I Will never get to her hear voice ever again. And the hardest part was that i hadn’t seen her in 5 months and i never got to say goodbye. I was so sad and couldn’t really believe what had happened all the memories of her just popped into my head and i could just see everything that we had seen together but the saddest part is i can’t remember what she looked like anymore…. and now she s gone forever. I will never hear her voice again or hug her again never see her again. I lost a person near to me and i didn’t even get to say goodbye. sadly this isn’t the first time. 3 times this has happened to me and i don’t know how many more times i can handle before i break. the only thing that still keeps me going is my love for my sister and my family.

So to be honest i don’t think i was ready for this trip but i am glad that i did it but sad about what i lost. And i am not saying that being an exchange students is a bad thing but everyone who thinks about doing something like it should really think about the things you lose by leaving if its the possibility of losing a family member or not getting to see you family grow and become who they are. I have been through much and i have had many problems but i can honestly say that this year overseas has been the hardest year i have ever had and its not even over yet. but i can only hope that the next few months bring me happiness and peace.

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Soon its gonna be christmas and i have been feeling a little homesick lately. I think that the reason is that i have so many things i do when its christmas back home. During christmas mom would get up every morning and turn on the Tv to the Christmas music channel and then pretty much 24/7 for 2 months we would hear christmas music. Then i would decorate my room at the end of november and get the tree in the livening room build and decorated( we have a fake because of my sister) i would put up some lights in my room and my dad would put up our outside lights. My sister and would put christmas socks on our doors and everyday we would put small gifts in each others socks. Then sunday we would get up everyone of us and make breakfast and open our advent gifts. And if its snows during december my dad and i would start plowing snow away from the road and some in the garden so Ludo can get a place to do his business outside. Then in the middle of the month mom and i would start preparing for backing cookies. Then one weekend we would use 2 days just getting up and backing about 1000 cookies of different kinds (my favorite part of december)

And every morning Simone and i would get up and open or scratch our advent/christmas calendars and see what we both got. And then in the evening we would sit down and watch some of the different TV christmas calendars and if we don’t like the calendar we would start watching one of the old ones we have on DVD. Then we would watch some Christmas movies old and new. Then some of the days when i get home from school or days i am sick mom would make me Risengrød/rise pudding thing and then we would sit in the living room eating that and just talk while we sit in the light from the candles (My mom has A LOT like A LOOOOOT of candles up during christmas more then often) and then we would look and the christmas calendar candle and see if its on date. Then dad would come home from work and we would be done eating but he would go get some of the risengrød and we would sit with our blankets or duvets and watch Tv together and Ludo would jump from person to person couch to couch to find a place to relax and sleep (which is all he does even tho he’s only like 6)


Then the day before christmas mom would come home with the last groceries and get ready with some of the food for the dinner the next day. Then christmas eve we would dress up and set up the table with everything and get all of the stuff ready for the guests (if we aren’t going out) then well place all the gifts the right way around the tree and then when the guest comes they’ll sit and watch some christmas Tv and Disney´s christmas show and eat some cookies and the adults would drink Glog and the kids how chocolate made by ME and then mom dad and i would be preparing the last food for the dinner while the guests and Simone would sit and relax then at about 6-7 we will start eating and then be done at about 8-9 and then we would get some of the desserts and play christmas games and then we would go and sit in the living room (we have a living room/kitchen/dining room s0 everything is open) and sit and eat some of all my moms homemade candy and marzipan and then some years we open gifts on christmas eve and sometimes christmas morning. And then we would sit and open gifts for a few hours (we get a LOT of gifts #spoiled) and then go to bed. But if we open gifts on Christmas morning we would wait for our guests to come and eat brunch and open gifts and then play with them.


Then some days during christmas i would go with my little sister/best friends/ extra sister bonus sister to starbucks or Tivoli and have fun celebrating christmas and buying some gifts for others and sometimes each other then we would go to her parents apartments and relax and watch movies and each a lot of pizza. Then we would get up at night and watch more movies and have fun and just laugh and make fun of each other but in a good way <3

And other days i would go with my best friends Kirsten out shopping and get lunch. Then we would walk around and just talk for hours about each others relationship problems and teenage stuff XD. Then we would go get some hot chocolate and sit and talk some more. Then we would go buy gifts for hour family and friends and help choosing gifts for people. We would also just sit sometimes after school and just listen to music and just relax and enjoy each others presence. <3

Then the days after christmas we would go to different christmas lunches and have fun and then just relax. So if people don’t get why i am a little homesick then this is why because i am not use to this way of celebrating but i am here to learn and adapt.



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3 Months in Kansas.

Its been around 3 months since I left Denmark and went to live in Kansas for a year. I have had the best time of my life and have experienced so much in such a short period of time. I have had so many fantastic experiences and seen so much new stuff. Ive learned a lot in the few months I’ve been here and I am sure I will learn a lot in the next few months. I have had so many good days and maybe a few bad days but that comes with leaving everything and not going back right away. I hope everyone who is over here is having the time of his or her life because I am.
I have about 4 weeks of my 1 semester of school left and there have been a few grade problems but I am fixing that. I have had tests weekly and I can say for sure that the school system back home……….is so much freaking better then over here (sry bout It usa) I miss having recess and a schedule that differs from day to day and just so all you kids in DK know you guys should appreciate the school system a little more because I miss my teachers and all of my experiences from back home and the system we have in the schools. And of course there are some good things with the system over here but I still miss my own system.
Food over here is not really a new experience for me but I miss Danish food really bad. My mom even had to send me some rice to make risengrød( Danish rice dish) and I think she is sending some Danish treats soon too. I can say for sure that when I get home I have to go buy all my favorite foods and just enjoy that I have them.
The Friends i have over here are really great and I love all of them I trust them and I think they trust me. I have gotten a lot of really close friends and I am so happy that people want to be friends with me. And I know that my best friend back home in Denmark is going to read this and just so she knows I am not replace you. You will always be my best friends and my platonic soul mate. I love all of my friends back home and all of them over here. And if any of my friends from back home read this just know you can always send me an email or send a Facebook message I will answer eventually.
I am having a great time and love all of the people I have meet over here and all the ones back home.
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I am having the time of my life over here and i love being here.

School is going pretty good I have good grades in most of my classes (algebra sucks BTW) and the environment is so great. I have a lot of new friends and i like all of them. School over here is a lot different then back home tho. 

Here I have to move from classroom to classroom every hour and that’s kinda annoying. Also there are around 2000 kids at my school so getting around is kinda hard. lunch over here is also kinda different. instead of eating with your class in your room we have to go the cafeteria and eat……I miss having one class where I have the same subjects with them and the same days hours and lunches. 

Because of the amount of kids that are at the school we have to have 4 different lunch periods so that’s kinda sad if you have the 4th one and have to wait until 01:10 pm to eat for the 20 min you have. Also over here you don’t have any big breaks from class other than lunch. so back home we would have 30 and 40 min breaks every day and here I only have 30 min and that’s with lunch. So that is kinda sad for me. 

Also over here school starts at 08:05 am everyday (except Wednesday) and then we are at school until 03:10pm everyday (except Wednesday) so i have ling days and since there are sports and clubs AT school I attend some of those which just means that some days ill stay at the school for more than 12 hours. So I have long days with a lot to do. 

Homework over here is also a lot different. Here I get homework for every day and A LOT of it for every day. Were back home we would either do it with the teacher at school or have 4 days – a week to do it I have 24 hours to do it from when it has been assigned. So I am working hard over here. 

The school system is also different. over here they have Elementary school then middle school then junior high (sometimes I think) and then High school. where we just stay usually at the same school for 10 years and then leave that…..OH and they also have 12 years in stead of 10 like we have. So over here i am a Junior Which is 11th grade but back home I would be a gymnasium student which is basically Danish college. so I am a college student back home but a high school student over here. (which I am kinda sad about) 

So school over here is a lot different but its okay. I miss the Danish system but i am getting used to it over here. 

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